On Fear

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Fear isn’t meant to be ignored. I’ve seen pictures / memes / posts revolving around the sentiment of “F you, fear, I’m doing what I want.” This response misses the purpose and, in my opinion, the value, of fear.

We could go on about why fear is an important warning sign, genetically embedded within us to keep us safe from uncertainty and danger…blah blah. We know that.

The better questions are “WHY am I afraid?” and “HOW will I use this as motivation to take action?” Answering these two questions grows a deeper understanding of yourself and inspires action.

Seek to make motivation the primary purpose of fear.

Motivation to change your situation such that you are no longer afraid, or no longer have to be.

Motivation to remove yourself from the dangerous situation if you can’t change it.

Motivation to be brave and advance in spite of your fear, if it is wise to do so.

Do NOT blindly ignore fear and tell yourself it’s because you have your freedom and gosh darn it you’re going to use it…the result of that is thousands of people flocking the beaches and the state getting put on lock down.

Instead, develop a new skill set or re-analyze your finances so that if you do get laid off, you’ll bounce back.

Use your FOMO to find new ways to enjoy life and your loved ones.

Develop a new interest.

Re-invest in what is truly important to you.

Fear is not a bad thing…quite the opposite. Fear is a powerful motivator.

If you recognize it as such and harness it, fear becomes a friend, not a foe.

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