About Me

My name is Kyle Davey and I am a trainer based out of Salem, OR. I train athletes who want to play their sport better and adults who want to be healthier and feel better about themselves at the RE_Building by NWRA in Salem, OR.

Most website advice tells you to make your “about me” page not really about you, but about how you can help your target audience. It’s a sneaky of way of turning your about me page into “I want to sell you something, and you should buy it from me because X, Y, and Z”.

Instead, I’m just going to write a little about myself and see what happens. 

Here are my priorities, in order:

  1. My faith in God.
  2. My wife. 
  3. My children.
  4. The rest of my family.
  5. Others I care about. 
  6. Myself.
  7. My work. 

This website is dedicated mostly to my seventh priority, my work. I love everything health, fitness, and sports performance related. I like writing, too, so having a website where I can write about that stuff makes sense, right?

I grew up in Atwater, California, a small town in central California, where I played football and ran track. I then played football at Willamette University in Salem, OR, where I still live.

At Willamette I studied exercise science and started personal training while still in school. After several evolutions and learning curves, here I am today, and here’s my beautiful family.